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Whole Body Vibration
10 Minutes a Day takes the Gym Away

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training was originally used in the 1960’s by the Russian Cosmonauts to overcome muscle atrophy, bone density loss and blood clotting caused by extended periods of exposure to zero gravity, and is currently being used by Olympic Athletes, Fitness Trainers and Centers, HealthCare Physicians, the Elderly, Handicapped and Celebrities alike!
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What is Whole Body Vibration Machine?
What is WBV Machine
Firms and Tones
Reduces Cellulite
Improves Metabolism
Enhances Detoxification
Accelerates Weight Loss
Improves lymphatic
Little Effort & Low Impact
Reduced Training Time
Improves Circulation
Increases Flexibility
Range of Motion
Muscle Strength 
and MORE!

How Does it Work
The WBV is a low impact exercise machine that provides a tremendous boost to the circulation system. Its intense vibration therapy causes the muscles to naturally contract 30-50 times per second, enhancing natural detoxification, lymphatic drainage, waste removal and so much more! Coupled with its high frequency vibration platform, after completing a 10 minute session your muscles feel as though you’ve had a complete workout, but amazingly enough you feel invigorated and even relaxed, as though you just had a massage. Studies have shown a 10 minute session of the WBV compared to a 60 minute workout at the gym provides similar results in just a fraction of the time!
How to Optimize Your Results
Drink lots of fluids before and after each session! Your body should be properly hydrated prior to your WBV session as one of the primary functions of vibration technology is to improve fluid balance, so your body should have plenty of it to do it! In addition, you should drink at least 2 eight ounce glasses of water immediately following your session to eliminate the toxins and stimulate lymphatic drainage.
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